Independent Chair (First Art Consortium – unpaid)


First Art is looking for a new, independent chair for the consortium that oversees the First Art Creative People and Places programme.

The consortium, made up of regionally-based organisations, plays a key role in setting out First Art’s strategic direction. The Chair will lead the way in ensuring the voices of local residents are heard in this. 

We need an energetic, organised and experienced facilitator able to guide productive meetings and support balanced and objective decision making.  We’re looking for someone with a strategic and forward thinking approach with an understanding of the Arts and Culture sector.

You’ll need to be able to keep an independent perspective to ensure any conflicts of interest are avoided.

Applications due by 12 noon Thursday 20 April 2023. 

About the role
  • This is an unpaid role with a time commitment of 10 days per year. Meetings take place once a quarter and typically last 2 hours.
  • The role of the Independent Chair is to enable the First Art Consortium to work well and efficiently.
  • The independent Chair will support all Consortium Partners to ensure that the flow of information and decision-making is maintained and that the Consortium works within its Terms of Reference.
  • The Independent Chair role is to ensure solid and efficient governance of First Art (the CPP programme) in line with the funding agreement between Arts Council England and the lead organisation First Art (the Charity).
  • The Chair is responsible for chairing meetings for the Creative People and Places programme only and is NOT accountable for First Art as a Charity. This is not a Trustee role and you will NOT be accountable to Companies House or the Charity Commission.


Core tasks

The Independent Chair will support all members of the Consortium Partnership and the First Art Programme by:

  • Acting as an independent focal point for discussion and sound out how the First Art Consortium is working.
  • Scoping and confirming the Core Consortium Meeting agenda items and matters for discussion.
  • Enabling and overseeing the processes of decision-making, conflict resolution and actual or perceived conflicts of interest where they may arise.
  • Chairing the Consortium Meetings in line with agreed ways of working and ensuring all members have an opportunity to be fully heard.
  • As and when they arise, helping in assuring a fair and objective process for any applications for membership of the Consortium.
  • Advocate for the ‘community voice’ and ensure First Art actively involves local communities in decision-making at all levels.
  • Providing strategic leadership.
  • Supporting the Consortium to build a shared ethos and vision.
  • Supporting the Director in a non-line management capacity, to ensure the CPP programme is delivered in a collaborative way.


  • Applications due by  12 noon Thursday 20 April 2023
  • Interviews Wednesday 26 April 2023


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