Outline map of Bolsover district

Bolsover (sometimes pronounced ‘Boh-zer’ by locals), sits deep in the former coal mining community of Derbyshire. If you’ve driven along the M1 near to Chesterfield, you’ll most likely have passed it.

The district takes its name from the town of Bolsover. Other towns include Clowne, Creswell (where our office is), Shirebrook and South Normanton.

Well, I never…

  • It’s got a rather fancy mansion, known as Bolsover Castle
  • It’s got a famous dinosaur, the Bolsover dragonfly. In 1979 a gigantic fossilised dragonfly was discovered in a coal seam by miners – it had wing span of half a metre!
  • Hollywood actor and film producer Jason Statham, known for films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the Fast & Furious franchise, was born in Shirebrook
  • The Bolsover Buckle was once produced here when the area was a buckle manufacturing area.