Desire is one of five shorted animated films created as part of Back to Normal.
Back to Normal is a project by First Art with OneConversation in partnership with Daryl Beeton Productions and Mike Choo Motion Graphics.

Back to Normal sets out to ask ‘what’s the ‘new normal’ for the learning disabled and autistic community?’, looking at what issues need to be tackled for change to happen.

Workshops with local disabled people informed a series of short animated films (or vignettes), which offer both a platform to express their dissatisfaction but also are designed to start conversations that will be part of that change.

Directed by Daryl Beeton 
Created by Mike Choo

Back to Normal is funded by Without Walls.

First Art is part of the Without Walls Touring Network Partnership.

Without Walls is a network of festivals that works with artists to bring fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across the UK. Since 2007, Without Walls has supported the development of over 140 shows, many of which have toured beyond our network of festivals to 22 countries worldwide. They are supported by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.