20 February 2020

Last Sunday, 16 February, we headed to Leamington ward (also known as Leamo) in Ashfield, to be part of the Feel Good Families fun day.

The event was led by Ashfield District Council in partnership with a range of organisations including Nottinghamshire Police. This group have come together to find ways to work with local people in the area to make positive change, and involve more residents in making their community a better place to live.

We’re running a social programme in Leamington, so we used this opportunity to start a conversation with some locals and look for some starting points to get some activity going.

At the event, we worked with local artist Sarah Turner to run a workshop to make LED plastic bottle light installations. This went down a treat and was a great follow-on from the Big Spring Clean that had taken place in Leamington earlier in the week.

Artist Sarah Turner works with visitors to the fun day to make flowers out of plastic bottles

Although the event was quiet (Storm Dennis didn’t help), we did manage to have some really good chats with a range of people including a lovely lady who takes part in a bingo club every Wednesday, and a young mum on the estate who was really keen on supporting any activity for families as nothing really happens in the area.

Girl with plastic bottle flower

One of the fun day visitors with a plastic bottle she’d made

Our next steps are to make contact to a few of the local residents we spoke to and invite them to help us plan some events and activities for 2020.

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