The Actual Reality Arcade and DIY Games

16 August
11am – 3pm
With Matthew Harrison, Sarah Turner and Tim Neath

FREE – Drop-in (no booking required)

Jump into a life-sized arcade game and play for real, or have a go at building some DIY games including a giant marble run.

The Actual Reality Arcade

This is a mini(ish) version of The Actual Reality Arcade by Matthew Harrison that will be at this year’s The Full Shebang Festival.

This interactive zone inspired by classic arcade games where you play for real. You can build Tetris walls, shoot aliens, and play Whack A Mole but with humans instead.

Physical fun for all ages to enjoy together. Suitable for ages 4+

DIY Games

Come and have a go at making your own games. How about helping build a giant marble run? Or make your very own cardboard table football game, design your team and play the beautiful game
anywhere you want.

Suitable for ages 5+

More fun coming soon at The Full Shebang

Matthew Harrison who will be bringing the full-size Actual Reality Arcade to The Full Shebang where you can jump in for more fun in the Market Place.

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