27 October 2021

Group of people sat together at Gladstone Tea Room in Clay Cross for Light Up film show

Clay Cross residents have come together to share in the Light Up film.

It was with much delight we were able to host a small gathering  on 14 October to watch the special film, documenting the Light Up project from earlier in 2021.

The group of some of the town’s older residents came together at the Gladstone Tea Room in Clay Cross.

Many of those attending featured in the film, showing them receiving their Light Up paper lanterns together with messages of hope.

Lady and elderly man sat on sofa at event

The lanterns and message of hope, shared as posters and personalised messages, were given to residents of care homes by local school children as part of the project.

Posters by children with messages of hope and paper lanterns created for Light Up by First Art

An extra special touch on the day came courtesy of one of the local residents – a local brass band member for 20 years – who played ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol on her euphonium.

Lady playing euphonium at Light up film event in Clay Cross

The song was chosen as a bit of a project anthem because of its lyrics:

“Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you, dear.”

In the original plans for Light Up, this song was to be played by brass bands as people came together with their lanterns, so it was wonderful to see this happen, albeit it on a smaller scale.

The gathering was also a chance for First Art to chat to residents about what their ‘cup of tea’ when it comes to things to see and do in the area when it comes to the arts.

The event was well received and an opportunity for those attending to have a long overdue a catch up with friends and neighbours.

Light Up was designed to offer some cheer, celebrate community and brighten people’s day during the Covid-19 pandemic. The original shape of the project had to change due to evolving situation but was finally realised in early spring 2021. The project is part of First Art’s Go the Distance Festival.

You can find out more about Light Up here.