Shebang Introducing

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Be part of this year’s The Full Shebang Festival

You asked and we’ve listened. At this year’s The Full Shebang Festival we’ll be bringing the cream of the crop of Mansfield and Ashfield artists and performers to the stage. And you could be one of them.

This is your chance for (up to) 15 minutes of festival fame, taking to the Shebang Introducing stage on Saturday 7 September 2024 in Mansfield Town Centre.

We want to hear from individuals, groups, and organisations across all performance art forms including singers, musicians, cabaret performers, circus performers, dancers, actors, poets, and spoken word artists.

As well as your fee, we’ll cover costs for travel and subsistence on the day along with technical and production costs for the day. You’ll also be supported by a technical and production team on the day.

On this page you’ll find all the information about applying together with the forms and guidance to download.


A white man is performing acrobatics in a cyr wheel on stage in Mansfield Market Place while a crowd of people watch.

The Full Shebang 2022 Image © Lamar Francois

Who can apply?

We want to hear from individuals, groups, and organisations across all performance art forms, from dance, cabaret, theatre, and circus, to music, poetry and spoken word.

You must live, work, or be based in Mansfield or Ashfield district.

Individuals could include local artists, choreographers, writers, composers, and producers.

Organisations could include local arts and cultural organisations, voluntary organisations e.g. arts clubs, choirs, a group that meets regularly, local theatres, galleries, schools, not-for-profit organisations, collective of individuals who are working together, and non-arts organisations who want to be creatives such as local resident groups.

A black and white image of a white man with stubble wearing a jacket and playing the guitar, stood in an underpass.

Singer-songwriter Ashley Westlake was part of the Shebang Introducing line up at The Full Shebang in 2022.

An important note about Public Liability

Please be aware that all performers will need to have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £5million. Before we contract performances, we will need a copy of the certificate to evidence this is in place.

Don’t let this stop you from applying if you don’t have this in place. We can provide support and advice on how to do this, in a cost-effective way.


We’re committed to making sure those who work in arts and culture are properly and fairly paid and will pay those performing for their time. We ask you to state your performance fee on the application form. Please note, we cannot fund the development of new work to present. Should you have any queries regarding fees, please email

How we’ll assess your application

First Art works together with local people to make decisions and inspire arts and cultural opportunities to happen. Proposals for Shebang Introducing will be reviewed by a panel made up of the First Art team and some of our community participants and partners.

Artists and performers will be selected based on:

Quality – this will be assessed on the application and supporting material submitted.

Range and diversity  – we will curate a programme that is diverse and represents a range of people and artforms.

Value for money – this doesn’t mean we will go for the cheapest option, but rather ensure we get the right quality for the right price.

How to apply

We’re committed to providing an application process that is accessible to the widest possible audience, so we’ve tried to keep the application as straightforward as possible.

To apply, you need to send to us the following:

  1. i) a completed short application form (see notes below for what formats you can send this in)
  2. ii) a completed monitoring form
  3. iii) an example of your work.


i) The application form

The application form is available to download as a Word document or PDF below.

The application form will ask for contact details for you or your group/organisation, what type of art form you’re working in, details of your performance, the number of performers, technical and production requirements, and your fee for performing.

You can complete and submit the application form by:

      • Filling out the written application form provided, either as a Word document or PDF file
      • A short video (no more than 5 minutes) – you won’t be assessed on the quality of the film, but the image and sound quality must be clear and must cover the information for asked in the application form.
      • An audio file (no more than 5 minutes), which must be clear and covers the information asked for in the application form.


    Application form and guidance notes 


    ii) The monitoring form

    The monitoring form is included as a separate section at the end of the application form. Alternatively, it can be downloaded as a separate file here or below.

    This form will be kept separate from the application form to allow it to remain anonymous.

    This form collects demographic information set by our funders. Each question has the option ‘prefer not to say’ if you do not wish to give that information.

      • Download a separate file of the monitoring form 
        iii) Examples of your work (supporting material)

        We’d like to see an example of your work to give us a sense of what you do.

        This could be a video, a sound clip, a web link, some images, or anything you think demonstrates your work.

        You can either provide a web link or attach a file to the email when submitting your application.

        We ask that any video or audio files is no longer than 5 minutes. You won’t be assessed on the quality of the film, but the image and sound quality must be clear.


        Submitting your application

        Please email your completed application and monitoring form together with any supporting material you feel appropriate to your application to

        If you have large files such as films, please either send these via WeTransfer or provide access online e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or similar. Please indicate in your submission email if you will be sending files via WeTransfer and ensure the name your application is made in is included on the transfer method.


        If you’d like to speak to someone about your application, please email or call 07488 359456 between office hours (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri, excluding Bank Holidays).


        If you require access support to complete your application, please email or call 07488 359456 to speak about your requirements.



        • Application Deadline: 10am 10 May 2024
        • Shortlisting: w/c 13 May 2024
        • Final selection: w/c 13 May 2024
        • Artist notification: w/c 20 May 2024
        • Pre-Festival Briefing (if selected): TBC
        • Performance Day: Saturday 7 September 2024


        Important things you need to know for your application

        • For applications to be considered these must be received by First Art by 10am on Friday 10 May 2024.
        • We cannot consider applications from those living or working outside of the Mansfield or Ashfield district.
        • The selection panel’s decision is final.
        • Artists selected must be available to perform on Saturday 7 September.
        • If selected, you must also attend a briefing session in person or online before the event. We will contact you with dates / times in reasonable time beforehand.
        • Access is an important part of The Full Shebang Festival to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy it. Part of the access provisions at the festival include BSL interpretation and live audio description. If selected, we will talk to you about this and what things we need from you to help those providing these provisions prepare, e.g. song lyrics, scripts, etc.
        • Your performance must be appropriate for a family audience.
        • You must have in place Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £5million. For organisations, this must be in the name of the organisation that is applying. If selected, you’ll be required to submit your insurance certificate as evidence. Please don’t let this stop you applying if you don’t have this in place – we can provide advice on how to go about this.
        • All performances must have a responsible adult (although they don’t have to be performing themselves). If the performance includes anyone under the age of 16, you are responsible for securing the appropriate licences.
        • To ensure our programme fairly represents the local communities in Mansfield and Ashfield, we require you to complete a simple monitoring form, which you must send with your application.
        • If selected, you will be required to have a UK bank account for your fee to be paid into as follows:
          – If you are an individual based within the EU (but outside the UK), you need to have a bank account in your own legal name in the UK.
          – If you are an organisation based within the EU (but outside England) you need to have a registered office in the UK and a bank account in the UK in the name of your organisation.


        The image is of the performance of Belly of the Whale at The Full Shebang Festival in 2019. The image shows a man balancing on a curved metal structure. He is wearing a yellow shirt and pale orange trousers. There is a crowd of people watching him from the ground. In the background, there are buildings and the Bentick memorial tower. The is a blue sky with some clouds.

        Belly of the Whale, Ockham’s Razor perform at The Full Shebang 2019 © First Art/Lamar Francois 2019

        About The Full Shebang

        The first ever Full Shebang Festival took place in Mansfield town centre in 2019 and is now in its fifth outing.

        Featuring acts from close to home and further afield, the festival is a chance to bring high-quality performances to a wide range of people that might not otherwise have the opportunity to see them.

        The one-day festival is free and open to everyone. Along with knock-your-socks-off performances, the festival features street theatre, workshops, live music and more.

        Year on year, First Art aims for the festival to be shaped increasingly by the local communities, working towards a festival owned by the people of Mansfield and nearby areas.

        The Full Shebang Festival is made possible thanks to our funders Arts Council England and support from our partners Without Walls and Mansfield District Council.

        Find out more at

        About First Art

        First Art is about bringing people together through choosing, creating, and taking part in arts experiences in the places where they live.

        From putting on cabaret nights and festivals to supporting community cinemas and young producer programmes, we offer a wide range of ways for local people and partners to have their say, take part, develop, give new things a whirl and do proper good things together.

        Established in 2014, First Art is a charity (registered no 1193429) working across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We lead the First Art Creative People and Places programme, funded by Arts Council England, in Ashfield, Bolsover, Mansfield and North Derbyshire.

        Find out more at