Six Street Social Club

The Six Street Social Club

The Six Street Social Club is a celebration of six streets in South Normanton, setting out to strengthen connections amongst residents and make some good things happen.

Who are the Six Streets?

Downing Street, The Croft,  Victoria Street, Lansbury Drive, Albert Street, Eastfield Drive all make up the Six Streets. Each street has its own Social Club, named after the street.

What’s it all about?

In a nutshell, The Six Street Social Club is all about connecting people to reduce social isolation, encourage neighbourliness and make the street a better place to live.

The idea is that by being part of the Club and through a range of creative and cultural activity, members will feel less lonely, they’ll be less isolated and feel more connected with their community, and will help with a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

By working with each street, to make a difference one street at a time, the project aims to:

  • Get under the skin and show the ‘true colours’ of specific streets;
  • Make new connections via a series of cultural activities shaped by local people;
  • Provide an innovative and playful approach to community engagement.


How will The Six Street Social Club connect people?

The Six Streets Social Club will virtually assemble residents of each of the designated streets.

Everyone living on each of the named streets has been invited to be part of their street Social Club with a special invitation pack delivered to their doors. It’s then up to them whether to become a member and take up a series of missions to help discover more about the street and its residents.

Mission possible

The members of each club will be given a series of simple but fun missions to help establish what sort of things the street likes and what they might want to see happen to bring more fun to the street and make it a positive place to live.

Members will be involved in shaping some of those things and making them happen.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the project, or if you’re a resident on one of the streets and want to suss out a bit more about what its all about, drop us a line at