23 January 2020

Last night a lovely bunch of people from South Normanton met up with us for our South Normanton Social. It was a great turn out with 14 people of all ages coming along.

Over some tasty chips from the local chippy, we used this first meeting to start a conversation, get the group excited about being on our programme and, crucially, get some information from the group about what was important where they lived, how satisfied they were with things and what they wanted to see more of.

To warm things up we tested out some new audience response gizmos we’ve invested in (think audience voting in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire). Armed with a keypad each, answering got under way, first with a quiz on South Normanton. Pete won with a score of 9 out of 10. Nice!

We then asked a series of questions about South Normanton. The answers provided some really interesting data that we can use and build on for our future activity.

This includes:

  • 90% of people felt the ‘availability of arts and cultural activities’ were very important or important in their community
  • 10% of people stated they were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the availability of arts and cultural events in their community
  • 50% of people agreed or strongly disagreed with the statement ‘I know when community events take place’
  • 30% of people strongly agreed or agreed that ‘the events and activities in the community are high quality
  • 50% of people participated in events and activities in their community extremely or very often
  • 40% of people chatted to their neighbours, more than just to say hello, less than once a month or never
  • 50% of people had visited less than 3 arts events and activities in South Normanton in the past 12 months

Our next South Normanton Social takes place on 25 February  where we will start to look at planning some events for 2020. We’re looking forward to what happens next.

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