TFS Workshop: Create a world-saving Chatterbox

Illustration og an owl in a space outfit and inset image of a pair of hands holding an illustration paper fortune teller and holding two colouring pencils

Create a World-Saving Chatterbox

with Author Alice Harman and illustrator Pete Gray
Mansfield Central Library
10.30am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm  – Drop-in sessions, no booking required
Suitable for ages 5+
Wheelchair accessible

Author Alice Harman and illustrator Pete Gray have taken the humble paper fortune teller (you know, the playground game loved by generations) and made it into something extra special. The Chatterbox. A world-saving Chatterbox no less.

Each Chatterbox will feature a special alien character designed under Pete’s watchful eye. Then, guided by Alice (who’s written all sorts of fab books for younger beings, including ones on climate change) the Chatterbox-creator will add some eco-challenges.

Children will also have the chance to ask Alice and Pete any questions they have about being an author or illustrator and creating books and artwork.

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