The Line-Up


Everywhere's a Beach

By Hikapee Circus Theatre

Join us for a day at the beach unlike any other in this high energy, circus theatre show!

Perfect for the whole family, Everywhere’s a Beach is a charmingly ridiculous performance taking place on a giant revolving beach parasol.

This dynamic, dizzying and downright daft show will leave you dancing with delight.

To the beach

Look Mum, No Hands!

A Daryl & Co and Mimbre co-production

A tender tale of friendship and growing up. It explores a coming-of-age story about two friends testing their own boundaries. Together they explore freedom, taking risks and independence. They see how those things change, depending on who you are.

Look Mum, No Hands! playfully explores ideas of vulnerability, strength, and independence.

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Eau de Memoire

By Miss High Leg Kick

Explore the rich experiences and memories evoked by smells in a show that celebrates our oldest sense. Artists will present live ‘perfumances’ with smell-along fragrances bringing memories of places and times to life. Eau de Memoire is a show for everyone, with inclusivity at its heart. Fun, quirky and approachable… and smells amazing!

Noses at the ready

Tape That

By Hands Down Circus

A playful exploration of the world we live in; when challenges present themselves, just how many problems can be fixed with a few rolls of duct tape?

A charming, light-hearted, non-verbal acrobatic duet suitable for all ages.

Ready to roll?

The Actual Reality Arcade

By Matthew Harrison

A life-sized interactive zone inspired by classic arcade games, where you play for real. Dodge barrels and lasers, build Tetris walls, shoot aliens, and become Pac-Man.

Physical fun for all ages to enjoy together. A favourite at the 2019 TFS!

Let play commence


Mr Wilson's Second Liners

New Orleans meets 90s club classics.

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners are an anarchic extravaganza, bursting with colour and sound, rallying impromptu raves on street corners and rousing audiences young and old into a joyful frenzy.

Tune up for Mr Wilson's

Solid Gold Fitness

By Lena Lenman

Inspired by the greats of 80s workouts (Jane Fonda, Tony Britts et al), Solid Gold Fitness strives to recreate the colour, the fun and the vibe of a retro workout – proving that being healthy and getting strong doesn’t need to be a hardship.

Get a taste of 80s joy

Tell Me a Story

By HandMade Theatre

HandMade Theatre are back with a brand new show.

Everyone has a story to tell and a memory to share. Unlock yours in this family adventure down memory lane, experience stories of the people, places and objects we hold dear.

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The Cardboard Carnival

By Lempen Puppet Theatre

Trunk, Tail, Ears or Wings? There’s more to a cardboard box that you might imagine. Carnival creates itself from all sorts of things!

Taking inspiration from the music of “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saëns, a little help from Charles Darwin and a whole lot of cardboard to mash up a show full of puppet possibility.

Inspiration and delight for everyone from 4 to 104.

Come and be mesmerised

The Vegetable Nannies

By Plunge Boom

The Vegetable Nannies invite you to join them for a bit of gardening and childcare. No doubt the Nannies could use a hand in feeding and taking care of the baby fruits and vegetables.

Created by CBeebies’ Mr. Bloom star Ben Faulks.

Come and lend a hand

Sound Garden

By Orchestra of Objects

Zoom! Zoom! Ka-Boom!

Meet the ‘Pump-a-phone, Grass-Xylo-Hopper’ and ‘Twisty-Bata-Drum and join in with building a giant musical spaceship. Get ready for the Sound Garden – great fun for all the family.

Think Big, think colourful, think tuneful, this unique installation of invented musical instruments will have you tooting, whistling, plinking and parping in rhythm and melody.

Let's make some noise

Big Mob Slinky Show

By Bedlam Oz

“Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange” international street theatre. Big Mob is a majestic parade of hyper flexible interactive slinkies with bursts of comic energy amongst the crowd.

Watch out for the slinkies

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FREE drop-in workshops including puppet making and animation.

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