Big Mob

by Bedlam Oz

Starting points and times
  • 11.30am West Gate
  • 2pm Stockwell Gate (outside Four Seasons)
  • 4.30pm Market Place
Each walkabout lasts 30 minutes
Wheelchair Accessible


Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange

Big Mob is a majestic parade of hyper flexible interactive slinkies with bursts of comic energy amongst the crowd. Keep on eye on those cheeky slinkies though, you never know what they’ll do next.

*This is a walkabout show and will start at the points specified above, moving on through the streets. You can walk with the slinkies from the start or come across them as they make their way through the town.


About Bedlam Oz

Bedlam Oz is an International street theatre company that animates spaces with style elegance and grace performing their slinky shows.

Originally from Australia but now based in the UK, Bedlam Oz have performed in over 40 countries on five continents transcending international language barriers with their physical visual theatre.