Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Mr Wilson's Second Liners playing as they walk through an alley way in a town in England. In the foreground a white male with a brown beard (the top half of his head can't be seen) is dressed in a green tunic with a gold bib and gold fringed epaulettes and he is playing the drums and symbols. Behind him is a white male with a brown beard dressed in a blue tunic with gold bib and gold fringed epaulettes, white trousers and a cap with flowers. He is playing the saxophone. In the background is another white male with a brown beard, wearing a bright yellow tunic adorned with gold bib, gold and purple collar and gold fringed epaulettes, and white trousers. He is playing a clarinet. Behind is someone out of full sight but dressed in an orange tunic and white trousers.

Image © Andrew Billington

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Walkabout* and stage performance
Walkabout starting points
  • Buttercross 12pm (lasts 30 minutes)
  • Four Seasons (towards West Gate) 3pm (lasts 30 minutes)
Stage performance – Market Place 1.30pm (lasts 30 minutes)
Wheelchair access

Second Lining is a quintessential New Orleans art form: following the band to enjoy the music, marching and dancing, twirling parasols and waving handkerchiefs. It is a full on street intervention. If you’re lucky enough to be caught up in the commotion, you’re part of the Second Line.

Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners have put a spin on the traditional Second Lining. They play upbeat dance tracks, paying homage to the diehard days of the Hacienda, 90s club culture and its greatest hero, Mr. Tony Wilson.

They’re an anarchic extravaganza, bursting with colour and sound, rallying impromptu raves on street corners and rousing audiences young and old into a joyful frenzy.

*This is a walkabout show and will start at points (to be specified), moving on through the streets. In true Second Lining style, you’re encouraged to follow the band if you can.

New Orleans style marching band Mr Wilsons performance on the steps in Manchester city centre

About Mr Wilson’s

Mr Wilson’s began life in 2013. As one of the UK’s leading street bands, they produce high quality outdoor performances. They work with programmers and communities up and down the country to dream up joyous, place-making celebrations to make hearts sing.

The band calls on a pool of 11 players all based across West Yorkshire and Manchester.

A note on the costumes

The band worked with Sonya Moorhead and Liverpool-based maker, Carly Mackay, to develop their unique look. It was felt that the band should have an official uniform, paying homage to the heritage of Northern brass bands and their beautifully tailored uniforms, but also to acknowledge the flamboyant and detailed costume of New Orleans hot-steppers.