Solid Gold Fitness

Solid Gold Fitness

by Lena Lenman

Interactive Show
  • 10.30am (lasts 30 minutes) Market Place
  • 1.40pm (lasts 15 minutes) Buttercross
  • 3.15pm (lasts 15 minutes) Market Place
BSL Interpreted, Wheelchair Access

Wanna add some retro fun into your life? Got a hankering for those shimmer tights and hip- thrusting yourself into oblivion? We hear you! Get ready for 80s joy in this immersive retro experience.

Inspired by the greats of 80s workouts (think Jane Fonda, Tony Britts et al), Solid Gold Fitness strives to recreate the colour, fun and vibe of a retro workout – proving that being healthy and getting strong doesn’t need to be a hardship.

Swathed in skin-tight spandex and swimming in synthetic sounds, Solid Gold Fitness combines authentic retro cardio and body sculpting exercises to provide an accessible, immersive and  – most importantly – enjoyable way to get those heart rates racing.

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About Lena Lenman

Founder Lena Lenman is a professional performer, model, qualified personal trainer & fitness instructor who is embroiled in a long term love affair with 1980s culture – living the dream as a VHS aerobics guru since 2020!