Sound Garden

by Orchestra of Objects

11am – 5pm
Mansfield Memorial Garden (behind the Old Town Hall)
Wheelchair Accessible


Zoom! Zoom! Ka-Boom!

Meet the ‘Pump-a-phone, Grass-Xylo-Hopper’ and ‘Twisty-Bata-Drum’ and join in with building a giant musical spaceship. Get ready for the Orchestra of Objects’ super fun Sound Garden.

Great fun for all the family.

Think Big, think colourful, think tuneful. Inspired by a wasteland of unwanted industrial objects, this unique installation of invented musical instruments will have you tooting, whistling, plinking and parping in rhythm and melody.

There’ll be regular jam sessions and a ‘Make and Play’ workshop where everyone can help build a giant musical spaceship! Are you ready for take-off?!?

About Orchestra of Objects

Orchestra of Objects invent their own musical instruments – part Dr Seuss, a touch of Heath Robinson, and a dollop of garden shed inspiration. They take their inventions across the land to festivals, schools, parks and other places. Their sound installations offer much interactive fun.

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