Image © David Hegarty

Tape That

by Hands Down Circus

1pm, 3.30pm (lasts 30 minutes)
Audio Description (3.30pm performance only), Easy Read Guide available, Non-verbal, Wheelchair Accessible


Tape That is a charming, light-hearted, non-verbal acrobatic duet.

Two performers construct a visual world using colourful tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics. A simple roll of tape transforms from DJ decks to a spyglass and is stretched to create physical barriers and obstacles for the performers to navigate.

Tape That is a playful exploration of the world we live in; when challenges present themselves, just how many problems can be fixed with a few rolls of duct tape?

Image © Neil Hainsworth

Commissioned by Applause Rural Touring and The Roundhouse, in partnership with FiraTàrrega’s Support for Creation programme. Also supported by Arts Council England.

A note about tape

We understand that some shows can be quite wasteful – Hands Down Theatre are dedicated in doing what they can to reduce their own footprint. For this reason, they reuse as much tape as possible and do their best to return home with any used tape to be recycled with specialist recycling partners – Terracycle.

About Hands Down Circus

Hands Down Circus was founded by Carys Nicholls and Graham Milligan in 2018. They first crossed paths during an FDA in Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre at Circomedia, Bristol – where they first teamed up and began tackling the world of creating and performing together.

This journey took them to London where they graduated with a BA Hons from the prestigious National Centre for Circus Arts and have since travelled around the UK and internationally developing their skills and creative potential.

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