The Actual Reality Arcade

The Actual Reality Arcade

by Matthew Harrison

Mansfield Market Place – 11am – 5pm
An Easy Read Guide is available and written instructions can be provided


Returning for 2023!

Dodge barrels and lasers, build Tetris walls, shoot aliens, become Pac-Man and more. Welcome to The Actual Reality Arcade, a life-sized interactive zone inspired by classic arcade games where you get to play for real.

This is physical fun for all ages to enjoy together.

The arcade brings back nostalgic memories and creates many opportunities for new happy ones.

The Actual Reality Arcade featured at the 2019 Full Shebang. It’s hugely popular, bringing joy and happiness wherever it goes.

A girl enjoys the Actual Reality Arcade at The Full Shebang Festival 2019

Playing out classic arcade games in The Actual Reality Arcade
© Lamar Francois 2019

All kinds of retro fun to be had at the Actual Reality Arcade. Absolutely genius
-Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Great fun for young and old. Love it!’
– Just So Festival, Staffordshire

The Actual Reality Arcade was designed and created by Matthew Harrison and commissioned by Without Walls and co funded by Out There Festival, Hat Fair, SIRF and Norfolk and Norwich Festival where it premiered in May 2017.

About Matthew Harrison

Matthew Harrison has worked in many different artistic fields over the past 15 years primarily as a filmmaker and animator to engage people of all ages in creative activity. The majority of his animation work combines traditional hands-on techniques with modern technology. Matthew has also coordinated several mural projects involving large numbers of people. He strongly believes in the value of physical interaction between people and objects and the need in modern day society for real experience and participation. Matthew has previously worked on projects with SeaChange Arts in Great Yarmouth and has recently helped with Out There Festival.