Pie Throwing

Pie Throwing

with the Bureau of Silly Ideas
Interactive street performance
Timings and location TBC


Did you know Pie Throwing was the original Olym-pie-c sport? 

Recent scores show that Mansfield’s pie phrowing skills are falling behind the upper crust; it’s time to change that.

Join the Bureau Of Silly Ideas at The Full Shebang for the rigorous, professional training you need to rejoin the crème-de-la-crème of pie throwing athletes worldwide.

Join the campaign and get ready to take part in the messiest of sports.


About Bureau of Silly Ideas

Bureau of Silly Ideas (BOSI) are creators of inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm. We make people smile & think by working with culture and communities to inspire behavioural change.

BOSI injects art, entertainment, humour and surprise in everyday places – creating engaging installations, devised theatre shows and surprising interventions that bring magic and silliness to the mundane.

They work with a range of partners stretching across heritage, the arts, public realm and community organisations. The way we approach our work depends on the partner and the purpose.