Rubbish Portraits

Rubbish Portraits

By Lucie Sheridan
Four Seasons Shopping Centre
Timings TBC


Live 3-minute portraits from Lucie’s pop-up booth

Rubbish Portraits is an in-real-life experience. Peoples portraits are painted LIVE in a booth alongside a fun-filled lively conversation with illustrator Lucie Sheridan.

In just 3 minutes or less, Lucie draws a live portrait, and then posts it out of her booth. Just like an original analogue Photo Booth.

These aren’t caricatures (Lucie is not one to offend!), and they’re not really rubbish. These are simple nice black and white painted portraits. All created with a smile-inducing experience.



About Lucie Sheridan

In March 2019, Lucie brought to life her brainchild – the Live Portrait booth. Since then, her portable booth and her have ventured to diverse places, sketching up a storm and creating countless memories.

Beyond her whimsical booth portraits, she also flexes her creative muscles as a commercial illustrator, having collaborated with the likes of IKEA, Conran, Heals, and Ohh Deer.