The Guy in the Luggage Rack

The Guy in the Luggage Rack

By She Said Jump
Outdoor Performance – Comedy, Circus, Acrobatics, Puppetry
Location: Mansfield Market Place
Times: TBC

Age recommendation 8+ (the show is suitable for adults and young people alike but please be aware the show content deals with the subject of grief, so may not be suitable for some younger children)

An aerial comedy about grief, memory and flying luggage racks

Daisy’s mum died, nearly a year ago now. She’s fine. Getting on with it. She’s busy. She can’t complain. Except she’s got this slight issue with an invisible guy that won’t leave her alone…

From the silly to the sublime to the scary to the ridiculous, Daisy wrestles (sometimes literally) with her grief – Ian, a 6-foot invisible bald guy with a lot of luggage – eventually discovering that by letting him into her world she is able to reconnect with the memory of her mother.

The Guy In The Luggage Rack is the debut live show from She Said Jump. The show combines physical comedy with striking aerial acrobatics and an original, constantly moving aerial set. Drawing on theatre clown, circus and puppetry, this accessible show tackles the themes of grief and bereavement with a light and playful touch.

  • Partially Non-verbal: Roughly 70% of the show is non-verbal. There is a recorded voiceover prologue & epilogue, and some scenes have dialogue.
  • Easy Read Guide:  An Easy Read, illustrated zine ‘Grief and The Guy in the Luggage Rack’ provides an overview of the story, its themes and what to expect from the show.

    Download the Easy Read Zine 'Grief and The Guy in the Luggage Rack'

  • Audio-visual version of ‘Grief and The Guy in the Luggage Rack’  Please note, this is shown in five short videos, linked here as a playlist.

    Watch The 'Grief and The Guy in the Luggage Rack' Videos


Created by She Said Jump with mentoring and consultancy from Ockham’s Razor, and guest directing from award-winning physical comedy director, Stephen Sobal.

The project is supported by Jacksons Lane, Flying Fantastic, 101 Outdoor Arts, Longfield Hall, Ecosystem Coldharbour, the University of Bristol, Good Grief Festival, and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

About She Said Jump

She Said Jump are a physical theatre company who create stories using original aerial equipment and drawing on theatre clown, circus, dance, mime and puppetry. They make work for indoor, outdoor and digital spaces, for audiences and participants. They also collaborate and curate work with other artists.