The Line-Up

Roll Play

By Simple Cypher

A mash-up of circus and hip hop, be wowed by Simple Cypher’s explosive tricks and artful dexterity in this performance that challenges identity, status and societal roles.




By Gravity & Levity

A tender and exhilarating aerial duet exploring themes of life, loss, surrender and acceptance in a soft and moving way.

Performed in two parts, ‘Why?’ uses climbing harnesses and abseil lines to dance a ‘vertical dance’ on a bespoke free-standing wall.

Forbidden Identity

By Billy Read, produced by Deaf Explorer

Street dance, mime, and sign language come together in this exploration of the personal struggle of a Deaf child growing up in a hearing world.

Urban Astronaut

By Highly Sprung

The future. Earth is uninhabitable, destroyed by environmental pollution. But could this devastation be prevented?

Suspended on a gravity defying flying machine, the Urban Astronaut travels through towns and cities to provide a glimpse of a not-so dystopian future.

The Time Machine Disco

By Glass House Dance

Time Machine Disco has landed and now, Mansfield, it is your mission to save the future of dance! Come and join the party, release your inner rebel and take over the street.


By Tit for Tat

Four bedraggled book enthusiasts travel from town to town – forced between the margins – on a mission to protect literature.

It seems these bookworms take their immersion to dangerously extreme lengths. But with the membership numbers of their strange little book club dwindling, they must embark on a quest to recruit more radical reading enthusiasts.

What Happened To You?

By Nikki Charlesworth

Meet Little Red, Noodles and Bo, three raggedy puppets just trying to get through the day. Watch them persevere and find creative ways to overcome their impassable surroundings, using humour to chase the frustration away.


The Poetry Takeaway

The world’s first mobile poetry emporium.

Queue up to order a takeaway poem written especially for you (or someone you know) by one of the poetry chefs.

Workshops & Drop-in Activity

There’ll be all sorts of hands-on activity for all ages to get involved with, from illustration to circus to hip hop dance.