Ocho and Arachnobot

A giant inflatable octopus puppet with its operator

Image: Tim Davies Design

Ocho and Arachnobot

By Tim Davies Design

Walkabout* starting from:
West Gate 11.30am & 2pm (lasts 30 mins)
Market Place 4.30pm (lasts 30 mins)
Wheelchair accessible
BSL Interpreter available on request

*These are walkabout acts and will start at the start points specified above, moving on through the streets. You can meet them at the start and move along with them or come across them as they make their way through the town.

Meet Ocho and Arachnobot, two giant puppets who want to make new friends in Mansfield.

These stunning and imaginative puppets by Tim Davies Design are for all age groups. Are you brave enough to say hello?

Ocho the Octopus is huge, standing at 4-metres tall and 7-metres wide with 8 independently articulated legs to shake and say ‘hello’ to.

A giant inflated spider puppet with its operator

Image: Tim Davies Design

Arachnobot is a giant spider and a world first. This impressive walkabout puppet roams the streets – its giant inflatable skin, complex cable skeleton, and with each leg able to move on its own, creating precise, lifelike movements. And all controlled by a single puppeteer.

About Tim Davies Design

Artistic Director Tim Davies is a sculptor and innovative engineer with a passion for large-scale, kinetic creations and high impact spectacles.

Tim has designed and built a stunning array of large-scale puppets for prestigious outdoor events: from multi-award winning shows in the Spanish carnival scene, to the innovative Arachnobot which is now globally renowned, having performed to crowds of hundreds of thousands of people in four different continents.

With a keen talent for marrying strength and structure with movement and fluidity, Tim has energetically embraced an eclectic range of commissions for London’s leading theatre companies. He creates sets and apparatus, working closely and intuitively with circus acts, aerialists, physical performers and dancers.


Instagram: @tim_davies_design
Twitter: @Octopuppet