Things We Do

Our programme is made up of a number of different strands to give as many people as possible the chance to make and be part of some great cultural  experiences, whether that’s behind the scenes or as a spectator, individually and as a community.

Connected Communities

Bringing locals together to help us make new, enjoyable and extraordinary cultural things happen in communities

Let the good times roll

Special Events

Each year we'll host a showcase event – either a one-off event or a series, all of which will be developed by local people

Get ready to be wowed


A scheme to develop people's skills to allow them the chance to produce cultural activities from start to finish

Make it happen

Go the Distance

A long-distance festival to bring some light relief and help connect communities during Covid-19

Together, let's...


We want to make the most of technology to create awesome cultural experiences and to reach new audiences across the area we work

It's kinda spacey

Bossing It

Providing inspiration and investment for creative business ideas to develop and be realised

Let's boss it

Case Studies

Find out from those that have been part of the First Art programme what it's meant for them

Making a difference

Things we've done

We've been involved in all sorts of things since we first began back in 2014

Do you remember when