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a FREE online event for anyone 16 or over wanting to set up a cultural social enterprise

Bossing It: to own a situation, be in control, lead the herd

Bossing It is open to to anyone 16 or over but to be eligible for support to develop your enterprise it must promote, support and develop opportunities for communities in Ashfield, Mansfield, Bolsover or North East Derbyshire to experience the arts.

What do we mean by cultural enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better. So, when we talk about cultural enterprise we mean social enterprises that inspire more people to experience the arts which can also bring long-term benefits to the communities in which we work across Ashfield, Mansfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire.

Credit: Jonathan Borba (Pexels) Festivals, music venues, cultural community hubs…there’s so many possibilities

What sort of things might be a Cultural Enterprise?

It might be a festival, it might be a music venue but there are so many possibilities. We’re open to any ideas that serve the purpose of benefitting the community and widening people’s experience of the arts in all shapes and forms.

Kitty's Laundrette in Liverpool

Kitty’s Laundrette in Liverpool is a social enterprise where you can do more than wash your smalls. It offers a place for the community to come together for different events such as film nights.

Nonsuch Studios Nottingham

Nonsuch Studios in Nottingham is a venue that offers a range of community-focused cultural events and experiences


Bossing It forms part of our Cultural Enterprise programme. First Art is funded by Arts Council England as part of its Creative People and Places Programme.  The event is supported by the Prince’s Trust and the European Regional Development Fund.


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