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Did you know the average person in the UK spends 24 hours a week online?

Digital technology is all around us and we plan to grab it by the horns and make the most of what it has to offer.

We want to develop an artistic programme that’ll provide a much broader range of opportunities for people to engage with each other, and with art and culture through digital technology. Some of the possibilities out there are mind blowing!

But we’re not going to use digital technology just for the sake of it, instead we want to use it to genuinely deepen levels of engagement, improve audience experiences or make processes more efficient by integrating digital into how people interact with First Art online.

People taking part in interactive theatre in Bolsover

Inspector Sands, part of Bolsover Stories, provides an immersive experience using digital technology. © Gary Huddless / First Art

Partnerships with universities, libraries, cultural organisations and community groups will be a key part to us creating and sharing art using digital technology.

Our digital programme aims:

  • Connecting people and places
    We’ll explore digital approaches to connect people to co-produce activities, strengthen community voice and empower them to take the lead.
  • Digital art experiences
    We want to develop inspiring art experiences, working with artists that use digital as part of their work, and experimenting with different technologies to deliver art.
  • Get better connected
    We’ll work to improve and enhance digital coverage of First Art and cultural activity
  • Sharing what’s on in the area
    We’ll promote and share a range of art activity in the area using different digital platforms


Artist Mik Godley working on iPad

Artist Mik Godley works on an iPad piece in Mansfield

What we’re working on…

At the moment we’re developing our digital programme with a range of communities and partners and are exploring things like:

  • Live streaming
    We’re looking at how streaming can be used to enable different art, festivals, events and other activities to reach as many people as possible in North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire.
  • Tailored events
    Purpose-built events and activities that encourage online audiences and/or digital technology to make and share art to a local and global audience.
  • Online Masterclasses
    The idea of online masterclasses is for people to be able to share good practice to help develop the cultural infrastructure in the area. These masterclasses will cover all manner of topics and free and easy to use.

We’ll be adding more info as things progress but if you’re keen to find out more drop us a line.