Everybody’s Home Illustrations

A street in Ashfield illustrated by Seanna Doonan depicting houses with sun rising behind. At the front of the houses is a grassed area with a fence. People are shown in front of the fence.

Seanna Doonan captures a street scene in Ashfield © Seanna Doonan 2020

As part of the Everybody’s Home Kit, we commissioned a series of enlightening illustrations to feature as part of a colouring book, postcards, a time capsule, a DIY comic book and a home puppet theatre.

They were created with the intention to help people feel a little bit better whilst isolating, whilst also supporting artists.

We felt it was important to capture the impact on society during the Covid-19 situation but to also look at the positive aspects that the pandemic brought about our communities.

Each one of the illustrations has captured a unique period of time, leaving a social record.

Some of the illustrations represent the unfamiliar in a familiar setting, for example, Seanna Doonan’s illustration of Mansfield market place.

Illustration showing Mansfield Market Place during the Covid-19 pandemic by Seanna Doonan

Mansfield Market Place © Seanna Doonan 2020

Others depict the impact that Covid-19 had on our social lives, healthcare workers and key workers.

Bright and colourful, all of these illustrations give praise to what would often be overlooked in days before Covid. They acknowledge the struggle and provide a light, creative relief from the hardships that the pandemic threw at us.

Two illustrations by Abi Stevens for First Art. On the left her illustration of essential workers shows a teacher, a cleaner, a super market worker, a postman, and a care worker with the words Always Essential across the top. On the right the illustration is of a house from with four windows and people talking on a tin-can and string phone, one in the top window talking with someone on the bottom

Abi Stevens illustrations depict aspects of daily life in the time of Covid-19 lockdown. On the left ‘Essential Workers’ a reminder that these cornerstones of society are always important but prior to the pandemic, often overlooked. © Abi Stevens 2020

The new normal

Stoats and Weasels pop-of-colour illustrations captured the familiar in a new way © Stoats and Weasels 2020


Illustrations by Anthony Atkinson showing new normals during the UK lockdown. The one on the left shows a group chat on a smart phone. The on the right shows a person in house waving across the street to someone the opposite side in their window

Some of the ‘new normals’ captured by © Anthony Atkinson 2020

© Liv Auckland 2020

The unexpected

Jeffoworks captured the mood with his colour-bursting illustrations depicting a Thursday evening ritual and how, in some instances, the streets were reclaimed by the wildlife.

© Jeffoworks 2020


A time capsule booklet, illustrated by Sam Osborne and a DIY Comic Book by Anthony Atkinson were other ways illustrations featured in the Everybody’s Home Kit.


Puppets illustrated by Stoats and Weasels were part of the Everybody’s Home Kit © Stoats and Weasels 2020