eBooks! Activities

Man with books on head whilst reading from eBooks by TIt for Tat for First Art

Inspired by Rupert and the team from eBooks!, we’ve come up with a selection of activities designed to inject something a bit different into reading and storytelling.


The Extreme Reading Challenge

Okay, so extreme might be stretching it a little but why not come up with the most unusual or out-of-the-ordinary place you can read, take a pic and share with us on social media? Remember, keep it safe and legal!

Keep it clean


Keep it safe


Comic Star

Turn your favourite story into a comic strip, or come up with your very own story. Follow the tips in this nifty guide created for us by the very talented Big A Band Illustration. If you need some comic strip pages, we've got those to download too. We'd love to see you results.

DIY Comic Book


Comic Template


On film

Taking inspiration from Rupert and the rest of the eBooks! crew, create a short video - say about 30 seconds - acting out what your favourite story is about, or a favourite part of your top story.

Name that story

Create your own version of ‘Name that story’. For example, the clue for the Gingerbread Man might be: “A biscuit runs away and is chased by people and animals. He tries to cross over a river with the help of a sneaky fox.”

Best Bits

Draw a character or scene from your favourite book. If you don’t want to draw a character or scene, you could draw items that describe the character or items that help tell the story.

Best Bits Template


Act it out

This is a twist on a classic game of Charades. Can you tell a good bit from your favourite story through a game of charades?