Rubbish Portraits

‘Rubbish Portraits’ by Lucie Sheridan offers a while-you-sit quick and quirky brush and ink portrait. The portraits aren’t actually rubbish and it’s all good fun.
This is Lucie’s take on the familiar photo booth but far more exciting and unique…just remember…no smiling!
Have your very own portrait done

We’ve teamed up with Lucie to offer you your very own limited-edition signed portrait painted by Lucie while you’re seated in front of a screen (either a SmartPhone or computer with webcam)  Each portrait takes approximately 3 minutes. And even better, you don’t have to pay a penny. They’re individual portraits but Lucie is able to do up to four portraits in the session.

Who can take part?

The sessions are available to those living in Ashfield, Mansfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire only (sorry folks, but them the rules).

The sessions are free of charge but it’s one session per household.

When you book, we’ll need your address so that we can send you your portrait. Please make sure you include your postcode.

Time slots are available in 15-minute slots; four people is the maximum number of portraits Lucie can illustrate in 15 minutes, and each is an individual portrait.

How do I book a session?

You’ll need to book a time slot from the booking options below. Please make sure you can make that date/time so that we don’t have any slots going to waste.  

Once you’ve booked your slot, you’ll receive an email from us confirming your booking. Then shortly before your session (usually the night before) we will email over details of how to access the online session. We’ll be using Zoom and will guide you through the process, so don’t worry if you’re not familiar.

On the day, we’ll be there to make sure everything is running as it should be and Lucie will then paint your portrait and share this with you on screen, and you’ll then receive the portrait itself in the post. Please remember Lucie is only able to do single portraits during the session, not group portraits but she can do up to 4 individual ones within the 15 minute slot. 


Lucie Sheridan Rubbish Portraits Photo Booth