Connected Communities

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Getting social is our way of helping communities to make some fab cultural things happen

We’re a right social bunch, which is handy because getting out into communities and meeting people to co-create arts events and activities is at the heart of our Connected Communities  programme.

Taking place across North East Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire, the programme’s designed to bring people together to come up with ideas and help us make new, enjoyable and extraordinary cultural things happen in communities so  as many people can enjoy these as possible.

Each programme is distinctive to the people and places that take part but with a common thread:

all will host ‘cosy’ meeting spaces in local settings to inspire communities to share and develop ideas to co-produce top quality arts events and activities with us.

When starting out in a community, we’ll always try to get under the skin of the area by asking questions (yep, we ask a lot) and going out on walkabouts, so we can better understand people’s interests, ambitions and needs as well what assets already exist in that area.

Inspiration for the  members comes in the shape of things like ‘go and sees’ to shows, festivals and similar, or from inviting organisations to come to speak to them to spark their own ideas and actions.

Dave Chameleon performs at Sunday Roast Cabaret in South Normanton

Host Dave Chameleon revealed no end of talents at the Sunday Roast Cabaret, South Normanton © Lamar Francois 2019

Sometimes we’ll provide training and skills, if that’s what people want. The beauty of the Social programme is that we just don’t know until we get going and speak to people. But we do know it will be a lot of fun and lots of people in these communities will have a good time together.

This type of event is new for us, we’ve never been to an arts event before but in the future we would definitely go to one again

Audience member at The Secret Picnic

Our current Connected Communities programme takes place across four areas:

  • Clay Cross (North East Derbyshire)
  • South Normanton (Bolsover)
  • Bellamy Road (Mansfield)
  • Leamington ward (Ashfield)


If you’re interested in finding out more or joining a social in your area then give us a shout.