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We decided to focus our Social programme in Ashfield in the Leamington ward (or ‘Leamo’ as it’s known locally). Several conversations with Ashfield District Council highlighted here as a ‘priority area’ with some sobering statistics around health and wellbeing.

Talking to people, and a look round ourselves, made it pretty clear to us that there’s been a lack of things happening in the area. We know it will be challenging but we felt this would be an interesting focus for us to try and help make a positive change.

We’ve taken part in a number of meetings with a range of partners including Nottinghamshire Police and local councillors to see how we can work together to make a difference. As far as we know, there are little if any active community groups in the area.

In February  2020 we took part in a Family Fun day to engage local people and get them involved in our Social programme. On the day, we worked with artist Sarah Turner to create light installations out of plastic bottles. This was also a great chance for us to chat to local people.

We’ll be posting updates here about events and activities in Leamington. And, if you want to find out a bit more, we’d love to hear from you.